Actions taken

Actions taken by Hotline

Trainings conducted for the Tribal/ indigenous students and youths of Chittagong Hill Tracts and My-mensingh on Justice, Peace, Human Rights, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, their Constitutional Rights, Land Rights and the rights accord-ing to the UN.

  1. Legal Aid given to the tribal community, especially to the indigenous peoples of the CHT from 1991. Hotline (HRs) Bangladesh had re-leased more than 500 peo-ple, especially from deten-tion cases. Besides these, Hotline has succeeded in many other cases of the in-digenous peoples and Ben-gali cases in the courts through the network of NGOs and lawyers during the last decade.
  2. Hotline (HRs) Bangladesh has succeeded also to re-lease lands of the indigenous people of Mymensingh from the local majority commu-nity through international pressure (Urgent Appeals).
  3. Had successfully done a number of investigations and published many reports in the national papers, sup-plied the reports to various Embassies and to interna-tional Human Rights organi-sations for protection of the rights of the victims of in-justice.
  4. Seminars held on social en-cyclicals of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II.
  5. Booklet published on `Jus-tice and Peace in Bangla-desh’ and a practical manual on `Working for Justice and Human Rights.’
  6. Slide shows prepared on tea gardens, Women Garment Workers, Child Labour and Agrarian Injustices in Bang-ladesh.
  7. Written many papers on Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, etc.

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