From Rosaline Costa

Message of Rosaline Costa

Hotline Human Rights Bangladesh is an instrument to help people as fast as possible to get their rights. It was a dream for me to have a website of Hotline since many years but due to many reservations and obstacles the dream could not be actualized.

Today I am so happy about the web that from now on people will know Hotline Human rights Bangladesh by clicking a button. We will be able to reach to many people who want to know what Hotline is! Despite of our sincere and continued efforts we could not reach to as many people as we wished since last 25 years.

I am happy today that on the occasion of my 60th Birthday (which was actually on 13 February), this web is being launched. This day will be imprinted in my heart as a remarkable day in my life for long time. It is so wonderful to think that as many as 60 springs had come in my life and I am so very grateful to God for all the graces, strength, inspiration, loving care, safety and courage to be committed for the most neglected, destitute and oppressed particularly for women, indigenous peoples, landless and many needy people. I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all those people who have come to my help during this long journey, to make me what I am today. More so I want to thank my dear mother and father whose loving care built me as committed person. My heavenly father must be happy today and I am proud of my mother who loves me till today and inspires me to help building peace and justice in the society. She is my inspiration, my courage and moral strength in performing human rights work to promote justice and peace. I thank God for keeping my mother alive till today.

I would like to express my special thanks and gratitude to Fr. Richard William Timm,CSC who had given me the opportunity to work for human rights, who trained me bit by bit for working in this field, helped me to understand the need of the oppressed people and stand by their side and till today he is at my side to encourage me in continuing my work of human rights, justice and peace in our society. Despite of many obstacles, problems and even danger, he stood beside me to support my work.

Let Hotline web be a source of knowledge, experience, and inspiration for others so that many people will join the network of Hotline and be committed to help the needy. Today most people especially the youths are driven by the external luxury, materialism and vanity. They should learn to live for others, help others for bringing comfort in their life and family. I hope this web will be useful to many people to know the life of the oppressed and needy women and men of this country.

I take this august opportunity to thanks all those generous people who helped me to publish this web and in this regard I express my thanks to my new colleague William N. Gomes and his friends and my other colleagues at my office for their continued support and untiring work to bring success of Hotline work.

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