Objectives of Hotline

The objective and ultimate goal of Hot-line (HRs) Bangladesh is to establish justice, human rights and peace, espe-cially for the poor and powerless. To reach this end Hotline (HRs) attempts to:

  1. 1. Popularise human rights issues on a widespread scale through publications, by helping to ar-range and conduct seminars, training programmes for stu-dents, grassroots level leaders and NGO workers, parents and teachers, women, etc.
  2. Investigate cases of human rights violations, the weak points of law pertaining to the incidents and communicate them through publications, let-ters, press and so on.
  3. Send and respond to urgent ap-peals of Amnesty International (AI), Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Hotline Asia (HA), etc. to support the victims of injustice and to cre-ate pressure on the respective government to take necessary action against the injustice done to the victims.
  4. Develop and maintain a strong network among local human rights and development NGOs and groups, international groups concerned with human rights and social justice in human de-velopment to support the vic-tims of human rights violations and the minority communities.
  5. Give legal aid and help with le-gal advice to solve the problems and conflicts in families and/or in the localities outside the court and judiciary in order to bring peaceful solutions and build good relationship among people.
  6. Facilitate communication and sharing of experiences within the network and gather informa-tion on human rights and social justice issues.
  7. Create awareness about equality of rights and dignity among men and women through news-letters and training programmes on gender equality in order to establish a just family and soci-ety.
  8. Campaign against child labour, bonded labour, trafficking of women and children for flesh trade, domestic child labour, impeding the rights of children to education, against acid trauma inflicted ob the young women and men, women op-pression for dowry, etc.

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