One Munir Ahmed Rajib

One Munir Ahmed Rajib, s/o. Momotaj Begum (a Christian married to Muslim after he kidnapped her in 1984 and converted her to Islam), and Suja Uddin Ahmed from Vill & PO: Nengri, Foiljana, Pabna. Suja Uddin is the UP elected member of one union. Rajib, his mother Momtaz (Amola Gomes) & his sisters, a student of class Vlll came to Hotline coordinator when she went home on 23 February 2007. Foiljana is about 13 kilometers south of Chatmohor. Rajob is studying now in 1st year in Honors. Rajib complained that his father Suja Uddin does not recognise them at all and wants to deprive them from their property rights as because he had married another woman about 11 years ago. But neither Rajob nor any other member of his family knew about this marriage. Suja Uddin married the first woman and when he had a daughter of about 3-year old, then he divorced her and married to this Christian woman, a very young girl. That daughter from the first wife lives with Rajib and his mother. Now Suja Uddin wants to force them out of the house where they live.When Rajib brought his mother and sister, he said that Suja Uddin now wants to get rid of them because his mother is from Christian family and that he and his sister got education expenses from his maternal grandparents’ house. Suja very often abuses Rajib’s mother physically and mentally, uses abusive and slang languages against her in front of Rajib and his sisters. He feels insulting and wants its remedy and justice.I told him to complain about it to the police as because he was an adult and he could complain about his abusive father and demand his property rights as Suja’s son. He did accordingly and also gave a copy to the UP Chairman whom I know well. Then the police, after getting the complaint, authorized the UP chairman to resolve the case. He went and had a mediation between the families. But the mediation was unjust. Rajib informed me that the chairman decided the following:
1. Rajib would be granted a three-bighas of land;
2. Rajib and his mother would be given by Suja Uddin Tk. 2000 (two thousand) by which he would have to build a new house on the land and move out of the house where they stay now within one month;
3. Suja gave Rajib and his mother two goats but a cow, which was donated to Rajib’ mother by his grandparents, was kept by Suja;
4. That Rajib and his mother and sisters would have to live on the grant from his grandparents house (which is not logical at all).

Then Rajib informed me about it. I called on the chairman and asked what kind of justice it was done to this family. Anyway, he said that Suja was more powerful and influential than him and so he could not do anything better than this.

Then I contacted the chairman of Rajib’s Union and talked to him explaining the Shariah law and its effects in Islamic marriage. I also told him that in Islam four marriages are allowed suppose the man can treat four women equally. Suja has two wives and has also two houses with children from both wives. So each wife deserve one house to live with their children. I told him, if not justice is done to this family then Suja will have to face a trial.

Then another meeting was called by the UP member who was given the authority by the chairman to settle the case justly. The last meeting was held in mid April and the decisions were taken as follows:
1. Mrs. Momotaj, Rajib and his two sisters will remain in the same house where they are living now;
2. Rajib’s family will get 25 monds of rice for their maintenance per year;
3. Md. Suja Uddin will pay all education expenses for Rajib and his sister;
4. Rabib will get three bighas of land as it was decided previously and will be able to use it for any purpose of producing any crops;
5. Three goats were given to Momotaj.

Rajib and his family members were very happy and grateful to Hotline. He sent a letter of gratitude and thanks.

Rosaline Costa

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