Attacks on a Christian family in Kamalapur village

Attacks on a Christian family in Kamalapur village under Dhorenda Mission, Savar, Dhaka by a group of about 70-90 Muslims armed with lethal and deadly weapons left four persons seriously injured. Three women – Shyamoli Corraiya (45) Promila Corraiya (37) and Shipra Corraiya (32) and a man, Hebol Lawrence Corraiya (33) were seriously injured and then were treated in the Savar Health Complex. The women were in the hospital for 16 days and the man was for 22 days. Hebol got two severe cuts on his head. The three women were chopped with dao and long knife, beaten with bamboo sticks and hockey sticks, their dresses were torn into pieces (Saree and blouses were fully torn). They were physically assaulted and attempted to rape.The Christian house was attacked twice on that day. First attack was at about 7:45 am by some 10-12 people. They put up a signboard on the land of Hebol Corraiya’s house, a disputed land (the land belongs to the Corraiya family but the Muslims claimed that they bought the land from a Christian man. The Corraiya family got Court verdict on their behalf on October 22, 2003. The opponents went to lower court and got verdict on their behalf against the High Court order (which is not according to the right proceedings). With that lower court order they came to put up the signboard on May 4, 2005 at about 7:45 am. They pulled out the signboard of the complainant given by the HC and put up theirs. When the complainant objected, they attacked them and injured. At this first attack Mr. Hebol was injured seriously on his head and he was rushed to hospital immediately. When the local people came to rescue the Christian family, the attackers left saying they will be back again.

Then again at about 10:45 am the bigger group came and attacked again. They first went to the women and searched for men in the house. They assaulted the women, beat them up mercilessly and left them unconscious and undressed. They were attempted to be killed but when it was not possible, the women were about to be raped, their sarees and blouses were torn and beaten mercilessly again. They went to the police station in Savar to file a case but the police first refused to record the case. Then finally when the criminals went to the police for filing case against the Christian family, the police referred them to the Magistrate. Only after that the police accepted the case of the Christians. The police have done nothing till date about the case. The case is still pending in the court.

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