Govt. asks Kuwait to pay workers

After a strong demonstration by workers in Kuwait, 280 Bangladeshi workers were sent back to Bang-ladesh within the next three days. Most of the de-portees said they were taken from the camp and beaten, even though they were not involved in the demonstrations. They were taken to Dhaka-bound planes without a chance to collect their belongings.
Government asked Kuwait to ensure payment of just wage arrears to all the deported workers. The labour councilor at the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait met the appropriate authorities and asked them how they would arrange for payment of the outstanding salaries of the workers. On Aug. 4 a press release announced that Kuwait would pay the deported workers their arrears and other benefits through the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait.
Kuwait has decided not to renew the residency vi-sas of Bangladeshis doing menial jobs because they are “a threat to state security.” It will renew residency visas only for those doing specialised jobs.
The Kuwait authorities warned companies employ-ing Bangladeshi workers of punitive actions if they do not pay the recently newly fixed minimum wage of 40 Kuwaiti dinars per month.
It was reported on Aug. 21 that after a Kuwaiti la-bour court ruled in favour of the Bangladeshi work-ers, 500 more Bangladeshi workers will be sent back to Bangladesh, including 300 female workers. Already 233 had been repatriated. The court or-dered the company to pay the workers two months’ salary, other benefits and ticket fares for their re-turn home.

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