A minor girl abducted and raped for 7 days

Mili Rani Malakar, d/o. Shri Khoka Malakar of village Kholadapunia under Jokiganj PS in Sylhet was abducted on April 24 and left in a critical condition of unconscious at Bhattapara Primary School on May 1 late night, 90 miles East from Sylhet HQ. The following day local people collected funds and send the victim to the Osmani Hospital in a coma. Doctor said Mili’s condition was very critical and that she was mercilessly gang-raped for days together.

Mili Rani is the only earning member of her family, as her father is blind. Due to continuous threat from the influential quarters, the victim or her parents could not file any case against the abductors and rapists. Nobody dares to speak against the criminals fearing retribution, as they come from a very notorious union council member Abdul Latif and his associates. The police officer in charge also refused to accept the case. The family of Mili is under threat and panic.

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